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  • Lisa Sosnowski

The Tide is Turning -American Medical Association Considers Rescinding Support of ABA for ASD

We have always supported the Autistic Community in speaking out against Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and have often been questioned by those touting ABA's "evidence-based practice". We have even been denied grant money due to the fact that our methodology does not have basis in ABA. We are very happy to report that it seems that the American Medical Association is now finally catching up to the actual "evidence" that ABA does not work in the long run for autistics and can often create trauma and stagnation of progress for an individual.

Resolution 706 preliminary report shows that the AMA is now questioning ABA as a 'behavioral modification therapy' because the individual does not have any input on what behaviors need to be changed. This resolution also uses identity first language "autistic individuals" vs "persons with autism" that most autistic people prefer and refers to 'services for' vs. 'treatment of' which we feel is a big leap forward. We encourage you to listen to autistic people's take on this resolution. Click on the links below.

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