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  • Lisa Sosnowski


Most people know the autism rates are rising. The statistics are fed to us every year to prove that, but what they don't tell you is that there are other statistics that are more concerning. It is not autism that we should be fearing, but the autism education system that has resulted in the following statistics.

90 % of autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed

50% of 25-year-olds have never held a paying job

2/3rds of autistics have been bullied

Autistics have 3 x s the suicide rate as their neurotypical peers

9 out of 10 autistic women are victims of sexual assault

80% of autistic women are diagnosed after 18 years old

Many excellent teachers and therapist's hands are tied by bureaucratic red tape, overloaded caseloads, restrictive requirements, and deficit-based education. This deficit-based education describes the Spectrum in a linear fashion, and thus labels people as low-functioning or high-functioning. These labels either leave students without the same opportunities as their peers or leaves them without needed supports. We need to change the entire system in order to change the above statistics. That is where Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center comes in. A place for strength-based, intensive, experiential, individualized training, that allows everyone to reach their potential and feel good about themselves.

Be a changemaker for autism education, donate to our Go Fund Me Campaign. You can help us change the statistics-because No One's Music Should Die Inside Them.

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Dec 31, 2022

Yes, yes, yes!!! As a retired special education teacher and an aunt to a young adult with autism, this video has me cheering. I’ve been following your blog and the development of Spectrum Trade School, Village, and Training Center since hearing a podcast about the center in August 2021. I see your attention on body, mind, and heart, and am particularly hopeful to see how the trauma-based therapy from your recent grant will benefit your students. Keep us posted!!!

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