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webinars available for per video purchase.


The Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center Microlearning Library, a buffet of autism knowledge compiled by our interdisciplinary team of autistic adults, therapists, doctors, parents of autistic individuals, and educators.  A place where you have the control to customize your learning journey with easily digestible, bite-sized, focused, concise, and cohesive “edu-snacks” that deliver impactful concepts you can fit into your busy schedule.   No more drowning in a sea of information, irrelevant content, misinformation, or time-consuming lessons that leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and broke.


Our content is vetted, reputable, and compiled by authentic content creators who have the credentials to back up their claims.  Our collaborative team pledges to provide meaningful lessons that improve the quality of life of autistic individuals around the world.  

Our learning library allows for a way to bring global expansion to fruition at a rapid pace while providing income for autistic adults.  A percentage of sales go toward paying content creators and our Chairperson of Online Learning and Education AUDHDer, self-advocate, and autistic community champion, Katherine Lorelli (read more about Katherine’s background here )with the remaining proceeds going toward in-person programming for autistic students.    Join the Movement to change the Autism Services System to a strength-based empowerment model.

Come learn with us.  We will be sharing information on All Things Autism geared at caregivers -topics such as co-regulation, trauma-informed care, communication challenges, co-occurring conditions, sleep issues, therapies and much more….

Microlearning webinars available for per video purchase.

Free Subscription –includes mini bite sized edu-snacks of topics we will be delving into further in our tier-1 subscription (almost 50% off the per video price) and our top tier subscription that includes exclusive video and other content, coupons for online live classes (coming soon), and a chance to win a one hour free coaching session with one of our members.

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