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Addressing knowledge gaps and inequities in education, opportunity, compensation, and career mobility of autistic individuals by focusing on marketable trade skills, strategic brain-based whole person learning, and workforce development pathways, with wrap around, intensive, co-treating motor-sensory-language therapeutic interventions.  Seeding and leading system change through vocational schools, agricultural innovation centers, and neurodivergent affirming villages.

Promoting positive educational and social emotional outcomes, through sustained relationships, peer engagement, mentoring training, technology, life skill supports, and professional development.  

Using a collective cross-sector impact mission alignment of partners to focus on improving owner outcomes and financial security for autistic individuals in the village neighborhood, and broader local economy to become a platform for autistic community wealth building while inspiring the next generation to create a more inclusive society.  
By investing in our local communities and inviting our neighbors to come work, play, learn, and live with us, we provide future opportunities outside the village for autistics and become the catalyst for societal change and a model for autistic-centered inclusion.

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