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We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, poised to become "The Future of Autism Education and Job Training Across the Lifespan".   The statistics prove that the current system is failing, what we need is not the next brick and mortar school for autistic individuals, we need new ideas and successful, scalable, sustainable, solutions.   We are that solution - a collaborative, cross-sector "Learning Ecosystem", a complex interconnected network of intensive, varied, experiential learning and life experiences that encourages rapid progress, autonomy, and supported independence.  


The solution begins with a strong and thorough whole-person education.   Students are immersed in our proprietary, intensive, student-centered, hands-on, experiential motor-sensory-language programs with specific, targeted, therapeutic interventions.  We utilize a trauma-informed, supported independence care model, and collaborative teamwork, because our goal is that every student reaches their full potential.   Every student deserves the respect of presuming competence and giving them opportunities to explore different career pathways.   The idea is not to make the students conform to our way of teaching, but instead to figure out the best way to teach our students.  


The time for 'Awareness' is so 2019, the year 2023 is a time for 'Action' a time to really S.E.E.  Autistics -Support -Educate-Empower.   Join the Movement Today!

                       Working Together, Educating, Revolutionizing, Inspiring, Supporting, Empowering. 

                                                      NEW IDEAS - INFINITE POSSIBILITIES

                                                       As a Community W.E.  R.I.S.E.


What we have been doing has not been working.   Click here for the article in Psychology Today "Are We Giving Autistic Children PTSD from School?"

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