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Art Program

Our art program provides mental, emotional, and educational benefits. It enhances creativity, boosts language and reading skills, gives opportunity for social interaction, and builds confidence.

Image by Anna Kolosyuk
Paint Drops
Paint Strokes
Abstract Galaxy

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According to a 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, less than an hour of creative activity can reduce your stress and have a positive effect on your mental health, regardless of artistic experience or talent.10

An art therapist may use a variety of art methods, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage with clients ranging from young children to older adults.

Clients who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can benefit from expressing themselves creatively.

Some situations in which art therapy might be utilized include:

  • Adults experiencing severe stress

  • Children experiencing behavioral or social problems at school or at home

  • Children or adults who have experienced a traumatic event

  • Children with learning disabilities

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