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Here are the resources mentioned by our Founder on the High School Hamster Wheel Podcast and more...

Robin Roscigno Ted Talk "Your Autistic child can have a great life. Here's how."
For Financial Advice on Guardianship and Financial Planning for your loved one
Planning Across The Spectrum -
ASAN -Autistic Self-Advocacy Network 
Reroute Magazine- A Platform for Neurodivergent Artists and Writers.
More "Awareness" needs to be created around aversive behavioral methods still being used on autistic individuals.   Follow #stoptheshock and the bill, “Andre’s Law,” named in honor of Andre McCollins, a survivor of contingent electric shock and other forms of aversive conditioning (the practice of repeatedly and intentionally inducing pain or discomfort in an attempt to alter a person’s behavior.) Andre was sent to an out-of-state, DOE-approved facility where he was subjected to aversive conditioning and ultimately hospitalized after being tied to a board and shocked thirty-one times over seven hours. New York State continues to send children to this same facility, the Judge Rotenberg Center.
Books mentioned in the Podcast.
As an Amazon Affiliate we earn a percentage of your purchase
Information on the Greenspan/DIR Floortime Method 
As an Amazon Affiliate we earn a percentage of your purchase

Jacquelyn Hines DPT- CranioSacral Therapist Red Bank NJ  
CranioSacral Therapy  To find a therapist in your area 
Additional Resources

Rachel Dorsey SLP – Autistic Speech Language Pathologist –

Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez is an Autistic Deaf author, educator, occupational therapist, and
international speaker

Becca Lory Hector autistic life coach

Erin Garcia

Nigh functioning autism –@nigh.functioning.autism
Fidgets and Fries @fidgets.and.fries
Autistic Typing @autistictyping
Neurodivergent Rebel @neurodivergentrebel
ADHD Autism Alphabet Soup @adhdautismalphabetsoup
Autism support community
Autistic Selves

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