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Spectrum Tech, Trade School, Village, and Training Center

Prepandemic employment statistics for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum are dire, 90% are either unemployed or underemployed and 50% of 25 year old's have never held a paying job.


We are a non-profit located in Monmouth County New Jersey. 

We have assembled a stellar team of highly trained individuals in the areas of business, education, and healthcare dedicated to revolutionizing education for Individuals on the Spectrum.

Our diversified team is developing completely individualized programs that take into account learning styles, sensory profiles, motor abilities, likes, dislikes, and everything in between.

Our intensive therapeutic model is geared to increasing language, enhancing motor planning, and integrating sensory feedback while immersing the learner in their given trade.   

We are working on partnering with other non-profits with similar missions to provide a trade school, training center, and career village located on an organic farm.  

Listen to the interview with our founder on The Autism Detectives radio show 



Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation EIN # 84-3846070

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Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, & Training Center

We believe in partnerships in order to provide our students with the most choices because "None of Us is as Smart as All of Us"..   Our Mission is to partner with other like minded non profits, corporations, and individuals with the goal of providing opportunities for skilled work for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  Email our President to learn more Lisa@spectrumtechtradeschool.com

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