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Listen to our founder on the Autism Detectives Radio Show with our Advisory Board Member Patricia Lemer.

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Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation
EIN # 84-3846070

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Reimagining what autism education can be using a trauma-informed, innovative, intensive, individualized, motor-sensory-language approach.   We delve into root cause of behaviors and support the individual in learning regulation and coping strategies instead of ignoring or punishing behaviors because we know all behaviors are communication, we just have to learn to listen.    

See what we can do with our programs by visiting our photography page.   Limited speech does not mean limited potential. Click the camera icon.

Our Board is the heart of our organization with vision and courage to go the extra mile.   Dedicated to continuing education that will benefit our students and their families to create a better world for all.   Meet them by clicking the icon

We believe maximizing our impact and potential starts with a diversified Board.  We are looking for changemakers to be a source of cutting-edge thinking that ensures our vison to be "The Future of Autism Education and Job Training"   

Send Inquiries to jhines@spectrumtechtradeschool.com Chairperson of Board Development and Expansion Committee

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