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Inclusivity and Accessibility

Creating environments, systems, and practices that are inclusive and accessible to all neurotypes, ensuring that neurodivergent individuals can fully participate in society, education, and employment.Inclusivity refers to deliberate efforts to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their abilities feel welcomed, valued, and involved. It aims to create a sense of belonging and community, where everyone feels genuinely accepted, included, and valued in every aspect of society. This includes recognizing the unique challenges and experiences of autistic people. At Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center, we embody the spirit of inclusivity through designing and developing programs, services, and environments that consider the needs of all individuals by acknowledging and valuing each individual’s unique background, experience, and input. To us inclusivity means providing equal opportunities regardless of physical or cognitive differences, and actively involving individuals in decision-making processes and programming. Accessibility focuses on usability, ensuring that environments, programs, products, services, and tools can be utilized by everyone regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. It establishes a level playing field, removing barriers that may prevent autistic people from participating fully, allowing customization based on individuals needs.

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