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Welcome to the Board Laura Hegedus_edite

Laura Hegedus - Director

Laura has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Psychology from Monmouth University.  She has 29 years of experience in the CPG Industry in Sales & Marketing.   Her inspiration for joining the Board of Directors and helping autistic individuals is her son Logan who is seven years old.   He was diagnosed with level three autism at 18-months-old.  

She is a passionate and driven advocate who is relentless in her determination to make a significant impact. She is passionate about health & wellbeing." I want to help others achieve optimal health."

Her motto is: “Everything is figureoutable” –yes, this is a real phrase.

She has an entrepreneurial mindset and is interested in learning new skills.   

She enjoys exercising, boating, and taking care of her family's health & wellbeing.

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