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Lisa Sosnowski-Founder/President/CEO/Executive Director

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Rutgers University and has over 15 years of corporate accounting & auditing experience.    Her work experience includes Accounting & Human Resource Manager for Polmar Technologies a Computerland Franchise, Regional Accounting Manager of Covanta Energy where she led multidisciplinary teams at 13 of their Energy from Waste Plants throughout the United States in budgeting, fiscal closings, consolidations, and SEC reporting, and the head of the Licensing and Audit department, for Miro Consulting assisting clients in maintaining Oracle License compliance.  


In 2008 her life changed when her son received an Autism diagnosis at 2 years old.   Since then, Lisa has taken over 100 courses and read over 50 books in various subjects related to the Autism Spectrum including attending the annual conferences hosted by Autism New Jersey, Restoring Breathing Method by Lois Laynee, various webinars and even returning to college to take Anatomy & Physiology I & II and Developmental Psychology.   Lisa has volunteered as a parent-to-parent mentor with SPAN New Jersey. She has received a certificate in non-profit essentials and fund raising from Non-Profit Ready.  In 2021 Lisa was invited to join the Monmouth County Children's Inter-Agency Coordinating Councils and their subcommittees of Education and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.   

Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center has been her dream in the making & her passion for over 5 years, a place where individuals like her son could have choices, build skills in an intense program geared toward those with language delays and sensory issues, that are often overlooked, allowing them to RISE to their fullest potential, embracing neurodiversity and supporting each individuals own uniqueness.  To contact Lisa via Linked In     

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