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  • Lisa Sosnowski

Join the Movement -Forge a Path- Change the World

Are you the type of person that can turn passion into purpose? Do you forge a path on the road less traveled? Do you want an opportunity to utilize your talents to bring about impactful, innovative, critical change in the area of autism education?

We believe maximizing our impact and potential starts with a diversified Board. We are looking for changemakers to be a source of cutting-edge thinking that ensures our vison to be "The Future of Autism Education and Job Training" Our Board is the heart of our organization with vision and courage to go the extra mile. Dedicated to continuing education that will benefit our students and their families to create a better world for all. Goal-oriented and unwavering in our integrity, we are looking for individuals to join our board that enjoy finding creative solutions to problems with the ability to incorporate and leverage their skills in a collaborative team-oriented setting. Join us in changing the world today!

Send inquiries to Chairperson of Board Development and Expansion, Jacquelyn Hines

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