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  • Lisa Sosnowski

National Nonprofit Day August 17th, 2022

A letter from our President.

Hello Spectrum Tech Trade School Family,

I am writing you today to ask you to join me in supporting Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village and Training center by donating and sharing on your social media for National Nonprofit Day August 17th, 2022.

It has been a challenging time for all, and I appreciate your continued support not only because I am the CEO and President of the Board of Directors, but also because I am a parent. The parent of a child with so much potential but so little in terms of programs available because most programs lack focus on those students with expressive verbal difficulties and with more complex sensory-motor challenges. These students require programs to drill down to root cause and take into account individual strengths and weaknesses, not a program that focuses on behavioral outcomes.

Those behavioral programs are detrimental to this population because they damage the ability to generalize, do not take into account sensory processing or motor difficulties, and do not support body autonomy. Extrinsic reward systems that coerce an individual into performing tasks for adults when their body is in fight/flight/freeze or in painful or uncomfortable situations because of sensory differences, teach the student to ignore danger responses. This puts this population at severe risk for abuse or in best case scenarios at risk from not recognizing dangerous situations. Our nonprofit's mission is to change this dynamic, not only for our students but to be a catalyst for systemic change in the entire autism education industry. But we need you to join us so that we can get started.

So today I ask you to join me in support hope, in supporting change, to make a difference, to join our movement, and be a changemaker. Support by sharing our information on your social media sites, spreading the word about the broken autism education industry, and by donating to our Go Fund Me Campaign

Thank you as the President, CEO, and as a mom,


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