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  • Lisa Sosnowski

We Made You Promises, Promises- and We Kept Them.

We made the promise awhile back that we were opening up Board of Directors positions here at Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center that we specifically wanted filled by autistic adults, and we are happy to say we have followed through. It took some time to find the exact people that would be a perfect fit for our mission, but we found them. Please join us in welcoming Jaime Heidel, aka "The Articulate Autistic", and Katherine Lorelli, Child Development and Family Relations Specialist with experience in special education. It is so important that nonprofits include voices of the population that they serve on their Board of Directors. Lived experience is an incredibly powerful asset to have when crafting a truly inclusive program.

Stay tuned for even more incredible news. We are just getting started. With our new exceptional members of the board, we have many new offerings in the works.

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