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Grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation Brings Trauma-Informed Training to Spectrum Tech Trade School

Howell, NJ – Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center, a New Jersey 501(c)3 nonprofit leading system change in autism education, job training, and career development, is pleased to announce a grant from the Developmental Delay Resources (DDR) Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation has made it possible to train staff with two important trainings on trauma-based therapy. Treating Trauma Master Series, to train staff in various trauma-informed treatment techniques, and a series of classes on trauma-informed therapy focused on rewiring the brain based on Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory.

“I can’t stress how important these trainings were to our vision of reimagining, revolutionizing, and reinventing autism education” said Lisa Sosnowski Founder, President, and CEO “Most programs use a neurotypical lens, requiring autistics to tolerate and assimilate into a neurotypical mold, however, if you listen to autistic adults some experiences that neurotypicals would consider benign are actually extremely uncomfortable, distracting, and in worst case- painful to them. This pain can cause a trauma response that gets embedded in the nervous system, so in essence some programs out there are actually causing traumatic experiences which are exacerbating behaviors instead of finding root cause and solutions. That’s where our program comes in, finding root cause, solutions, and providing an intensive skill-based program that utilizes a trauma-informed intensive therapeutic motor-sensory-language approach so our students can increase self-esteem and reach their highest potential.”

“It is the reason joining the board really resonated with me” said Dr. Jacquelyn Hines DPT, C/NDT, CST board Vice President and owner of Connectivity Therapy and Holistic Health in Red Bank New Jersey “Spectrum Tech's vision is to fully support the regulation of the student's central nervous system, to see the student as an individual, and to meet their specific needs to optimize their growth and development. Often, these students have been met with challenges and experiences that led to dysregulation and often times triggered the body to get stuck in "fight or flight," and the body can hold onto these traumatic experiences in the tissues. This continues the cycle and does not allow the individual to find a regulation point or homeostasis. By optimizing the nervous system of the students, by allowing them to process stored trauma, we are creating a pathway to neural rewiring, healing, and learning, to improve function and quality of life.” Dr. Hines is highly trained in somatoemotional release through the Upledger Institute. Somatoemotional release is a therapy tool for gentle trauma resolution that explores the body/mind relationship and the psychophysiological mechanisms of disease and includes techniques to dissipate the residual effects of trauma and negative emotional experiences.

Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center plans to establish a permanent weekend program for autistic students in the future and is currently fundraising for this through their Go Fund Me Campaign. The weekend workshops will provide autistic students between the ages of 12 through 21 opportunities to explore different trades, provide social opportunities, and include intensive therapies. Spectrum Tech, Trade School, Village, and Training Center will be conducting these workshops at different locations in the Monmouth County New Jersey area.

“We hope to use these workshops as a starting point for a permanent weekend program while we work on preserving some land for our Monday through Friday trade school” said Lisa Sosnowski President, and CEO “There is much to be done to reform autism education. The Pittsburgh Foundation believes in uniting to create meaningful impact for the critical needs of the community, and we think our program provides that impact.”

Spectrum Tech Trade School, Village, and Training Center is a collaborative cross-sector transformative network with a comprehensive set of supports “learning ecosystem” that empowers, elevates, and amplifies autistic talents with targeted training, experiential learning, and intensive support therapies, seeding and leading system change in autism education, job training, providing a framework of opportunities centered around trade schools, agricultural innovation centers, and neuro-divergent affirming villages. New Ideas. Infinite Possibilities. As a Community W.E. R.I.S.E. -Working Together. Educating. Revolutionizing. Inspiring. Supporting. Empowering. For more information visit their website or follow #spectrumtechtradeschool and @spectrumtechtradeschool on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Rumble or contribute to their GoFundMe Campaign #grants #giving #thepittsburghfoundation #giveback #traumainformed #autismeducation #thefutureofautismeducation #philanthropy #givingtuesday #donate #gofundme #connectivytherapyandholistichealth #redbank #nj #autismtherapy #therapy #craniosacraltherapy #somatoemotionalrelease #njnonprofit #nonprofit #vocationalschool #vocationaltraining #collaboration #partnership #togetherwerise #nonprofitboard

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