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  • Lisa Sosnowski

Announcing our new corporate office location

We are very excited to announce our new corporate office location in Monmouth County at 1913 Atlantic Avenue Suite 181, Manasquan, NJ 08753 phone # 732 618 8470. We have been very busy applying for grants and looking for a location. Don't forget our Go Fund Me Campaign every dollar counts and gets us closer to bringing our program to Monmouth County. All monies are being used to directly fund the programs for autistic students (That's right all the hard work we put in so far has been 100% volunteer because we believe in this cause, and we want you to believe in us) Your donations can help us provide the proof of concept we need to go after the large grants and donations to build the school, so don't forget to share on your social networks. Link is here:

Keep watching your email. We have some events in the works and hope to announce a fall weekend program soon. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

Lisa Founder-President-CEO

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