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Congratulations Stephen Sosnowski- A Double Win in the Allaire Photo Contest

Congratulations to Stephen Sosnowski -Teen Fan Favorite and Second Place in the Teen Category in the Allaire Industry and Nature Photo Contest 2023 for the spectacular photo seen above. Stephen captured perfectly the haunting melancholy of the enameling building surrounded by the lush greenery at the Historic Village at Allaire. We are sure this is just the first of many wins to come.

This is why we stand behind the idea of strength-based education for autistic students. If our founder had listened to the professionals that worked with her son in both public and private school settings, she would have never encouraged him and his photography Using ABA methodology, taking pictures of Thomas the Train would have instead been used as a reward system since it was something that Stephen enjoyed and would have been doled out sparingly and reserved for when he was performing required tasks This reward model can dampen creativity and also destroy the internal intrinsic motivation of an individual, making behavior robotic and dependent on sameness. Most jobs are unpredictable because you have to deal with many different individuals and personalities in the workplace from managers, to co-workers, to customers. Flexibility and the ability to regulate are very important for success.

Let's create a system where autistic individuals can be successful, employed, and happy. Together W.E. R.I.S.E!

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