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  • Lisa Sosnowski

Join Us for Our Roundtable Discussion-Learning from Autistic Adults-October 15th from 1-4pm EST.

Come listen in on our candid discussion with Katherine Lorelli, a Child Development and Family Relations Specialist, Neurodivergent Consultant & Mentor, and former paraprofessional who worked in both the public and private special education sector with a variety of age groups. She gets real and gives us the inside scoop on how students are actually treated, and it will shock you. Jaime Heidel aka The Articulate Autistic, Writer, Blogger, Consultant, and Author of the new book "What Did I Do Wrong": An Accessible Guide to Preventing Traumatic Misunderstandings Between You and Your Autistic Loved One, now available on Amazon. If you are a parent or a professional, this is a must listen. Get your event tickets here. Event Tickets | Spectrum Tech (

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